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Hi! I'm Emma,

a people-first product designer.

I have contagious enthusiasm and a passion for going deep into user needs to bring products users love to life.

I'm currently designing at Sprout Social.


Brand Onboarding

Redesigning Abound's onboarding so brands complete and launch with a ready-to-sell shop.

onboarding checklist step 2- start.png
CSV empty.png

Reviews Feature

Creating social proof by giving Abound's retailers the ability to add and view reviews.

iPhone 8 - 14.png
mobile example  - 4 stars.png

Processing Returns

Improving the speed and ease of processing returns for Abound's logistics associates.

Frame 136.png
Frame 135.png

Find a Happy Hour

A personal project that makes finding a happy hour you want easy.

happy-time 2.png
happy-time 1.png

Cloud Storage

Optimizing how people organize, share, and collaborate on content in a cloud storage app.

assemble-no-apple 2.png
assemble-no-apple 1.png
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