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Find a Happy Hour


Happy Time was a personal project I decided to do after being out with some friends and trying to find a happy hour with oysters to no avail. While Google Maps showed us restaurants in the area, it didn't show us whether or not they served a happy hour. Searching on Google wasn't of help either. And, when I looked for an app that might help us, I realized few existed and none for NYC (where I was located). Realizing there was a gap in the market, I took on Happy Time as a fun personal project.

Some key features I included based on user interviews and observations I made while out at happy hours included being able to:

  • find a happy hour based on your location

  • see when the happy hour was ending

  • see, and be able to filter for, what the happy hour included (food, drink type)

  • see, and be able to filter for, if the bar had other entertainment (darts, pool etc.)

  • get an alert when the happy hour was close to ending so that you could make sure to get in another round

I got hired for a project and never got to complete Happy Time (conduct usability testing, iterate etc.) but from time to time I do show people the prototype and it's always met with an "Oh, I would definitely use this!"


Play with the prototype to see for yourself.


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